Best Cash Out Betting Sites

which are the best cash out betting sitesIf you’re a fan of in-play betting, your world just got a whole lot better. More and more bookies are now offering cash out in-play (or COIP for short). Today we’re going to look at the best cash out betting sites, and what offers are available when you use them.

Over the last few years, the option to bet in play has become very popular with punters. You don’t have to predict what’s going to happen any more. These days, you can watch what’s happening and bet on it live, which gives many more opportunities to win. More and more people are now cashing out on their bets to secure a guaranteed profit.

What Does Cash Out Mean?

The cash out option allows you take the profits on your bets early, at any time you like. You don’t have to wait until the end of the game or race. You can lock in a guaranteed win if your bet is going well, or get some of your stake back if it’s going against you.

Not only that, some of the bookies have also introduced a range of special offers which are going to maximise your profits. It puts you in control, giving you the power to decide exactly when you want to take your money.

#1 Recommended Best Bookie For Cash Out

bet365 logoWhether you’re just about to try cash out for the first time, or you’re an experienced punter looking for the best site to use it, we strongly recommend bet365.

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In our experience, cashing out your bet at bet365 is the fastest, easiest and most reliable of any online betting site. We’ve not found anywhere else that has cash out available on more markets or that offers a better in-play betting service.

It’s the obvious choice, and the account that no serious punter should be without.

List Of Other Cash Out Betting Sites

The list below shows you which bookies offer cash out (also known as COIP), and explains what sports and live betting events you can use it on. You can then choose the site that best fits your requirements. There are also some fantastic promotions which you can use to make some extra profit.

SiteOffer DetailsGet It Now
Ts & Cs or Country Restrictions May Apply - Click Claim Button For Details
COIP / Partial Cash Out - Range of sports inc Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Golf
PLUS Get Double Profit the first time you use it!
Visit Site
All Football Matches - Cash In My Bet Feature
Take your profit any time in any football match.
Visit Site
Cash Out In Play - Take profit any time in live sporting eventsVisit Site
Cash Out Early - on any market where the "3 Coins" symbol is displayedVisit Site

So if you’re looking to bet in-play on a regular basis, we would definitely recommend that you choose from the cash out betting sites listed above. Before you join any online bookaker, you should also check out their new customer promotions to see which welcome bonus you can claim when you sign up.

How Does Cash Out Work At Online Bookies?

Being able to take your profit before the game finishes sounds almost too good to be true. But it really is possible, and all it takes is one click or tap. This Betfair video explains how it works…

We’ve talked a lot about which betting sites offer cash out, but if you’re new to all this, you may be wondering what does cashing out mean? Well, the cash out button is a relatively new option which is only offered by the best betting sites. The idea is to give you more control over your bets. It enables you to take the profits from your bet, or reduce your losses, at any time.

Take Your Profits With One Click

just click the button to take your profit in-playMost cash out betting sites just give you a simple button to press whenever you want to take your profit.

You’ll be shown exactly how much profit will be available if you choose to take this option, so you’re always in complete control of your bet. Betfair were one of the first bookmakers to offer the feature, and they’re still one of the best.

Most people choose to cash out their bets when the event is in-play. This is because the odds tend to move the most, which gives potential for a greater profit.

However, sometimes the odds can change before an event has even started. This is most common with horse racing, but it can happen in football or other sports as well. If it does, you have the opportunity to take a guaranteed profit before the event even starts!

What Cash Out Options Are Available?

Different bookies might offer slightly different ways to use the cash out feature. This can be important depending on your betting habits and how you think you are likely to use it. Therefore, we’ll briefly explain how some of these options work.

Full Bet

This is the standard way of cashing out. In this case, you simply hit the cash out button on the betting market of your choice, and your entire bet is settled at the current odds. You will have no more liability on the market, so you can settle back knowing that your profit is guaranteed.

Partial Cash Out

This is a great option because it lets you cash in just part of your stake, and let the rest run. By doing this you can often create no-lose or risk free bets.

Multiple Bets

If you bet on accumulators, then this option will be perfect for you. Some bookies let you cash in your multiples when there are still some legs to go. So let’s say you had a 6 team acca and the first 4 results have already come in. If you start to get a little nervous about the other 2 matches, you can simply cash out there and then, take the profit from the first 4 and don’t worry about the remaining results.

Which Bets Can You Cash Out?

You can take your profits early on many different sports these days. It’s not just about football any more. This bet365 video explains how you can cash in your bets on their platform, which is the one we recommend.

So as you can see, the cash out option is now available on a range of different markets, depending on which bookmaker you use. The table above shows which markets it can be used on, for each bookmaker. As you can see, between the various bookies they cover the following:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket
  • NFL

As described previously, it may also be possible to cash in your profits on horse racing accumulators. This means if the first few bets of your accumulator win, you can choose to lock in a guaranteed profit to date before the rest of the matches are finished. There may also be other accumulator offers which you can use in conjunction with this feature.

Can I Cash Out A Free Bet?

It depends. Every bookies free bet offer comes with their own set of terms and conditions attached, which are unique to the site in question. You should check these before signing up so you know exactly where you stand and how the offer can be used.

Sometimes you will find that bets places using free bet tokens cannot be cashed out, other times this is allowed. If in doubt, check with the bookmaker’s help and support team before you place your bet.


If you’re betting in play with any bookie that isn’t listed above, then you’re probably missing out.There are so many times when you can see that a bet which is in a winning position has a chance of going bad. Every time this happens, you can simply click a button and take your profit immediately, guaranteed!

The alternative is to watch in horror as your chose team or player surrenders a lead, and you’re left with nothing. Basically, if you’re an in-play punter, this is a feature you probably can’t afford to be without.

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