Best Odds Guaranteed Bookies

Best Odds GuaranteedYou’ve probably seen that several online bookmakers these days have a betting offer called “Best Odds Guaranteed” (sometimes known as BOG for short).

It sounds good doesn’t it? But have you ever wondered what best odds guaranteed means, how it works and which bookmakers offer it? If so, then this guide will answer all your questions.

The offer can be used on horse racing, and sometimes on greyhound racing as well. It’s particularly good if you like to take early prices to try to get extra value.

So first let’s take a look at the list of best odds guaranteed bookmakers, and which markets they offer it on. We’ll then explain exactly how the offer works and how you can use it.

Which Bookmakers Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

These days, several of the major online bookmakers are offering BOG. Depending which bookie you choose, you can get it on horse racing all over the world, or on greyhound racing as well. We’ve listed them below, along with links you can use to view the details of their offers.

SiteOffer DetailsGet It Now
Ts & Cs or Country Restrictions May Apply - Click Claim Button For Details
Best Odds Guaranteed - Horse Racing

Best odds guaranteed on UK & Irish horse racing (£/€250 Max benefit). T&C's apply (18+).

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Best Odds Guaranteed - on all UK, Irish, UAE & South African racingVisit Site
Best Odds Guaranteed - on all UK & Irish horse racing & greyhounds

Win markets only. UK & Irish horse racing & greyhounds, may not be applied to race with non-runners, player/payment method/country restrictions apply. Full terms apply.

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Best Odds Guaranteed - on UK & Irish racingVisit Site
Best Odds Guaranteed - on UK & Irish racingVisit Site
Best Odds Guaranteed - on UK & Irish racing

Only UK and Ireland Meetings are eligible • Only registered members from UK and Ireland will be eligible • BOG icon must be displayed on Betslip to qualify • Cash Stakes only full T&C’s apply

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As you can see, there is a wide choice of best odds guaranteed bookies, so you don’t need to just stick with the big names like William Hill or Paddy Power. There are plenty of alternatives which also offer the same deal (or better).

What’s more, if you don’t have an account with any of the bookies listed above, you have the added advantage of being able to claim their free bet when you sign up. All bookmaker free bets are listed here. Opening an account will cost you nothing, and takes just 2 minutes.

What Is Best Odds Guaranteed?

So what’s all this about then, and how can it help you? Well, it’s a price offer designed for people who like to take early prices on the horse racing or greyhound markets. Many professional punters like to do this because there is often much better value available early on.

However, the downside of taking early prices is that sometimes the price can actually drift before the start of the race, which means you could have got better odds if you’d waited and taken the SP (starting price).

With Best Odds Guaranteed, this can’t happen. If a bookmaker has this offer, it means that if you take an early price and the SP is bigger, they will pay your bet at the SP instead. If the price you took is bigger, then your bet is paid out at that price.

How It Works (Example)

To demonstrate, let’s take a look at a quick (fictional) example to show how it works.

Say you wanted to back a horse called LBO Rules in the 3.00 at York. You think that the horse will prove popular in the betting market, so getting your bet on early might give you a chance to get a much better price.

  • Open an account with any of the bookies that offer best odds guaranteed (BOG) listed above.
  • Place your bet in the morning, hopefully locking in a better price. Let’s say the horse is available at 6/1.
  • If the price goes down before the race starts, well done! The 6/1 that you took is locked in, which means you get paid out at better odds than everyone else.
  • If the price drifts (gets higher) before the race starts, and the SP (Starting Price) is more than the 6/1 you took, then no worries! Best Odds Guaranteed means you’ll still get paid out at SP if it is the bigger price.

So basically, whichever price is higher, that’s the one you get! It means you get the best of both worlds. That’s why this is such a popular offer.

Best Odds Guaranteed Explained (Video)

Who better to tell us how it works than Joe Rooney? Joe has a down to earth style that means he can explain things in simple terms which makes it easy to understand, even for beginners.

How To Use It To Make A Profit

First you need to join a bookmaker that has the BOG offer. Any of those listed above will be fine. If you bet at a bookmaker that doesn’t have the offer then you may not get the best price.

always get the best price possibleOnce you have done this, the best way to use Best Odds Guaranteed is to try to find horses that you believe will attract a lot of interest from punters. Maybe horses that have been tipped heavily by the newspapers, or where a big name jockey or trainer is involved.

Early Prices Often Mean Better Value

Back these horses at the early price and watch the price shorten throughout the day. If you get it right, you’ll have the opportunity to lay your bet at the Betfair exchange and make a guaranteed profit. If you get it wrong and the price increases, you know that you’ll get paid at the higher price anyway, so if you like you can still lay the horse at Betfair and you should be able to break even.

This is just one of the ways in which punters use this offer to their advantage. So if you’re currently betting on horses or dogs at a bookie which doesn’t offer BOG, you are missing out big time! For the sake of 2 minutes work, you could join a bookmaker who offers a much better deal, and this could make a real difference to your profit margin.

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