live horse racing streaming Friday 28th JulAt Sky Bet, you can watch live streaming of all today’s UK & Irish horse racing with their Bet And Watch service. The streams are fast, reliable and 100% ad free, making it the best place to watch horse racing online. They stream every race live, direct to your mobile or tablet. And it’s free!

All you need is to open an online account with Sky Bet. You only need to bet £1 on the race to be able to watch it, and if you do want to bet while you watch there are many great offers available. You also get a free bet – details of that are at the bottom of the page. For now, here’s a list of the races you can watch today…

Full Live Streaming Racing Schedule: Friday 28th Jul

All start times are shown in UK time. Click any race to watch full live streaming.

Fri 28th 13:20Thirsk1.20 Thirsk (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 13:40Ascot1.40 Ascot (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 13:50Thirsk1.50 Thirsk (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 14:00Uttoxeter2.00 Uttoxeter (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 14:10Ascot2.10 Ascot (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 14:20Thirsk2.20 Thirsk (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 14:30Uttoxeter2.30 Uttoxeter (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 14:45Ascot2.45 Ascot (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 14:55Thirsk2.55 Thirsk (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 15:05Uttoxeter3.05 Uttoxeter (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 15:20Ascot3.20 Ascot (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 15:30Thirsk3.30 Thirsk (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 15:40Uttoxeter3.40 Uttoxeter (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 15:55Ascot3.55 Ascot (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 16:05Thirsk4.05 Thirsk (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 16:15Uttoxeter4.15 Uttoxeter (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 16:25Ascot4.25 Ascot (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 16:35Thirsk4.35 Thirsk (Race 7)Watch
Fri 28th 16:45Uttoxeter4.45 Uttoxeter (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 16:55Ascot4.55 Ascot (Race 7)Watch
Fri 28th 17:05Thirsk5.05 Thirsk (Race 8)Watch
Fri 28th 17:15Uttoxeter5.15 Uttoxeter (Race 7)Watch
Fri 28th 17:30Wexford5.30 Wexford (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 17:35Newmarket5.35 Newmarket (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 17:50Chepstow5.50 Chepstow (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 17:55Down Royal5.55 Down Royal (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 18:00York6.00 York (Race 1)Watch
Fri 28th 18:05Wexford6.05 Wexford (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 18:10Newmarket6.10 Newmarket (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 18:20Chepstow6.20 Chepstow (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 18:25Down Royal6.25 Down Royal (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 18:30York6.30 York (Race 2)Watch
Fri 28th 18:35Wexford6.35 Wexford (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 18:40Newmarket6.40 Newmarket (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 18:50Chepstow6.50 Chepstow (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 18:55Down Royal6.55 Down Royal (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 19:00York7.00 York (Race 3)Watch
Fri 28th 19:05Wexford7.05 Wexford (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 19:10Newmarket7.10 Newmarket (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 19:20Chepstow7.20 Chepstow (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 19:25Down Royal7.25 Down Royal (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 19:30York7.30 York (Race 4)Watch
Fri 28th 19:35Wexford7.35 Wexford (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 19:40Newmarket7.40 Newmarket (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 19:50Chepstow7.50 Chepstow (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 19:55Down Royal7.55 Down Royal (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 20:00York8.00 York (Race 5)Watch
Fri 28th 20:05Wexford8.05 Wexford (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 20:10Newmarket8.10 Newmarket (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 20:20Chepstow8.20 Chepstow (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 20:25Down Royal8.25 Down Royal (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 20:30York8.30 York (Race 6)Watch
Fri 28th 20:35Wexford8.35 Wexford (Race 7)Watch
Fri 28th 20:40Newmarket8.40 Newmarket (Race 7)Watch
Fri 28th 20:50Chepstow8.50 Chepstow (Race 7)Watch
Fri 28th 21:00Down Royal9.00 Down Royal (Race 7)Watch

How To Watch Live Streaming For Free

To view the live streaming for any of the races listed above, you need to be logged in to a Sky Bet account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can open one for free using the green button below, and claim the Sky Bet sign up bonus at the same time.

You need to have a funded account in order to watch. That means your account should have some money in it. However, you are not required to bet on the match in order to watch it.

For those who do want to bet on the race, a wide range of betting options are available. All live streaming horse races can also be used in conjunction with the Sky free bet which is awarded when you open a new account.

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