Best Casino To Play Blackjack Switch Online

blackjack switch game logoBlackjack is the most popular card game in the world, and there are many variations to the game that can make it even more exciting. Today we’ll be looking at where to play blackjack switch, and how it works.

With blackjack switch, you play two hands at a time. But unlike any other version of the game, you have the option of swapping the cards in your hands before any more cards are dealt. This can potentially turn a bad hand into a very good one. We’ll see an example of this later, which shows how it gives you a far better chance of beating the dealer! In fact, the game has an incredible 99.87% RTP, making it one of the best paying online casino games around.

Because of the high RTP payout, this variation of blackjack is so unique that very few casinos offer it. So let’s start by looking at a list of those casinos that do…

Which Online Casinos Have Blackjack Switch?

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Choosing A Casino For Online Blackjack

As you can see, there are not that many options when it comes to deciding which casino to play at. It is a very good option for players, and many casinos would rather not offer it because it gives you a lot of power over the dealer. So we recommend that you choose from the casinos listed above, and open an account. You can claim the casino’s new player bonus when you do. Remember, we only list reputable online casinos that we can personally recommend.

How Does Blackjack Switch Work?

Let’s look at an example of how playing the switch version gives you the power to turn a bad hand into a winning one. Below, we’re playing at ComeOn casino. In this version of the game, you play two hands simultaneously – you have to play more than one hand to be able to switch the cards.

should you switch cards in blackjack?

So our first hand is a soft 13, and our second is a 16. The dealer’s up card is a 7. Normally this would not be a good situation at all, and we’d expect to probably lose both hands. But with blackjack switch, we have the option to swap the 2 and 10 around. All we need to do is press the switch button. So let’s see what happens when we do that…

example game

Well that looks a lot better! By switching the 10 over to the first hand, we instantly give ourselves a blackjack! And with the 2 now over in the second hand, we now have 8 against the dealer’s 7, which means things are very much in our favour.

If we didn’t like the way the switch had turned out, we would have the option of pressing the button again to put the cards back where they were. But obviously on this occasion, there’s no way we would want to do that. Instead, let’s hit the 8 and see what happens…

beaten the dealer

We get a 10, and stand on 18. The dealer then draws 3 more cards and goes bust. So we win both hands.

This is a perfect example of how powerful the switch feature is. With just one click, we turned two bad hands into two winning hands. There’s no other version of blackjack that lets you do that. And this is why finding a casino that offers blackjack switch is such a good idea. But then maybe you knew that already, and that’s why you’re here.

The Super Match Bonus Side Bet

Blackjack Switch also has an exciting side bet option known as Super Match. To play this bet, simply place your chips in the smaller circle in the centre of the table, inbetween the two larger ones.

This is an optional bet where you win if your four initial face cards contain a pair or better. The payouts on Super Match are as follows:

  • 1 Pair – Pays Evens
  • 3 Of A Kind – 5/1
  • 2 Pairs – 8/1
  • 4 Of A Kind – 40/1

As you can see, this bet has some very significant payouts available and is well worth checking out whenever you’re playing blackjack switch for real money.

Getting Started

So now you know which online casinos offer blackjack switch, and you know how it works and how it can help you. The next step is to choose one of the casinos listed above, open an account and give it a try for yourself. The first time you get the chance to switch cards and give yourself an instant blackjack like we did, you’ll realise why most casinos don’t want to let you play it this way!

Enjoy, and good luck…

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